Dm             Am    Cm        
The voyages of the space barrel
Dm                Am             Gm     Em7  
Drifting through eternal mesh, a sea of stars
  Dm          Am            Gm                Am    
Majestically silent in the soundless void of space
              Gm            Bb                Dm         Em7    
But you could feel the hull vibrating with the jamming of guitars
Bb Dm         Am   Cm   
Ohh... if you pass by it
Dm                   Am                     Gm      Em7
Knock three times, announce your name, we'll let you in
        Dm        Am              Gm             Am    
But you better be prepared to go ahead, and not afraid,
   Gm                 Bb           Gm          Em7    
To add your own bright flame to the fire that's within.

   Eb      Eb7      Ab      Ab/G
   Fm      Bb      Gm      Cm      Cm7 Bb  F

        Gm        Bb          Gm               Bb         F         
The memory of destination lost in reckless liberty of mirth,
      Gm            Bb               Gm           Bb    
We've no sense of direction floating blindly in a cloud
   C               Cmaj7         C7            Am    
of discarded pizza boxes ordered long ago from earth.
   C                G              Bb       F      
We float around and tell forgotten tales of mystery,
    C              G                Bb        F  
And do those silly things you do in zero gravity,
    D              A             C            G   
Whenever there's decisions to be made we disagree,
D               A              C                G   
Long and heated arguments that fill us all with glee,
   E               B          D       A  
We value not one's money but originality,
E                B               D       A  
Wit and humorous talent, wisdom, creativity,
         F#              C#             E      B         
(And) we know the future holds for us a future fantasy...
       Dm        Dmmaj7           Dm7            F    G       
And so we are inside a barrel, yet we feel so very free.
    Dm             Am    Cm      
The voyages of the space barrel,
Dm                  Am          Gm     Em7   
Tearing through the very fabric of the night,
      Dm             Am               Gm              Am    
We'll play until the sun comes up and sweeps away the magic,
       Gm         Bb       Dm    Em7   
And in space, the sun will never rise.