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This used to be prettier. If you want to know more about me, you'd better read my journal. Here's an obligatory list of buzzwords.

acting, alberto giacometti, aletheia, andré derain, anthropos, arguments full of glee, aristotle, blankets, books, bookshops, c. s. lewis, cafés, calvin and hobbes, cats, cisv, cocteau twins, coffee, conversation, cozy reading places, david bowie, david lodge, delerium, delight, dictionaries, douglas adams, dreams, e e cummings, elizabeth bishop, essays, ethics, eudaimonia, f. scott fitzgerald, fauvism, findings, fraggle rock, friendship, games, hal hartley, hiking, hugs, immanuel kant, j. r. r. tolkien, j. s. bach, jethro tull, john cale, joni mitchell, keith jarrett, king crimson, language, lasagna, leonardo da vinci, literature, love, ludwig van beethoven, ludwig wittgenstein, massage, metaethics, mike leigh, miso soup, mongolia, moose, mountains, music, neil gaiman, nice librarians, nick drake, painting, philosophy, pink floyd, pizza, poems, poetry, progressive rock, rain, reading, rhetoric, ride, rivers, robert pirsig, robert wyatt, roger zelazny, rowing, sandman, searches, seashores, skiffs, small restaurants, squash, tea, the things people do, thelonius monk, theodore roethke, theory, tom stoppard, valleys, vincent van gogh, vladimir nabokov, walks on the beach, william carlos williams, william faulkner, wim wenders, writing

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